Who Hosts Joomla

The Joomla Site Showcase is a free service provided for the Joomla community to show off the power and extensibility of Joomla. Any person or company is welcome to submit their site for inclusion in the showcase.

These are examples of popular websites based on the Joomla! CMS:

Joomla hosting requires a certain environment on the server and a host that is geared up to meeting these requirements is obviously a good thing. They will check that all the necessary components and versions meet the published specification by Joomla so that each Joomla installation is seamless.

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Joomla Hosting

There are nearly 20 million results on Google for “Joomla hosting“. So where do you start if you want to find a host?

One of the hardest choices is who to host your lovingly crafted Joomla site. Whilst there are certain hosts that you should avoid at all costs (see ‘unlimited hosting’), professionals would be advised to skip the generic hosts and use a specialised hosting company instead.

A hosting company that specialises in Joomla hosting  (example 2020Media.com) can offer a huge return in investment for the business. The environment and support will be far superior to the average hosting company.

Unlimited hosting

It’s a promise we’ve all heard before. Web hosting companies all over are offering “unlimited” hosting for mere pennies a month.
The truth about unlimited hosting is that it is actually very limited. If you read the fine print on any unlimited contract, you’ll find that a variety of restrictions are placed on the  account, including, in many cases, bans on providing streaming media, image hosting or other bandwidth/storage-intense activities. In short, your use of the server is only “unlimited” as long as it doesn’t cause a problem and, if it does, you may find that your site goes dark.

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Joomla! History

Joomla was the result of a fork of Mambo on August 17, 2005. At that time, the Mambo name was trademarked by Miro International Pvt Ltd, who formed a non-profit foundation with the stated purpose to fund the project and protect it from lawsuits. The Joomla development team claimed that many of the provisions of the foundation structure went against previous agreements made by the elected Mambo Steering Committee, lacked the necessary consultation with key stake-holders and included provisions that violated core open source values.

On September 1, 2005 the new name, “Joomla!,” was announced. It is the Romanized spelling of the Swahili word jumla meaning “all together” or “as a whole.

Joomla (Joomla! 1.0.0) was released on September 16, 2005. It was a re-branded release of Mambo which, itself, was combined with other bug and moderate-level security fixes.

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